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    • Individuals who value Personal and Professional Development
    • Individuals and organizations committed to Communication Excellence
    • Managers and supervisors wanting to create Peak Performance in their teams
    • Parents and Teachers wanting solutions for parenting and teaching kids and teens
    • Individuals wanting to increase their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and Mindfulness
    • Managers and leaders wanting to increase their employees EQ & SQ
    • Individuals interested in NLP Practitioner Certification
    • New and Experienced Coaches who want to enhance their Coaching with NLP and Neuro-Semantics
    • Individuals with NLP experience who are ready to take their next step with the models and skills of Neuro-Semantics
    • Individuals interested in becoming a certified Meta-Coach through the International Society of Neuro-Semantics
    • Performance Coaches, Sports Coaches, and Personal Trainers, to help sustain client motivation and success
    • Professionals including Realtors, Social Workers, Life Coaches, Corporate Executives, Sales Professionals, Educators, Mediator, Attorneys, Psychologists/Psychotherapists, Business Owners, Insurance Agents, Brokers, Human Resource Professionals, Public Speakers among many more who want to take their skills to the next level and get ahead of the pack.



  • Communicating Effectively
  • Setting and Achieving Outcomes
  • Managing your emotional states
  • Getting the results you want Personally and Professionally
  • Creating Balance and Reducing Stress
  • Advancing in your career or business
  • Achieving Financial Freedom
  • Creating lasting bonds with significant people
  • Time Management
  • Differentiating yourself from the pack
  • Finding/Creating opportunities
  • Negotiating and Closing deals
  • Getting un-stuck
  • Becoming Motivated and Pro-active
  • Expressing your highest and best self
  • Achieving Excellence and increasing productivity


NLP/Neuro-Semantic Training is the Ultimate tool for Professional Growth and Personal Development



Take Performance and Productivity to the Next Level

Improve Communication Skills

Utilitze Personality Types for Rapport and Influence

Develop Professional Coaching Skills

Improve Relationships and Expand your Network

Improve career/Business Results

Achieve Higher Emotional Intelligence

Learn Precision Questioning Tools

Utilize Patterns of Persuasion in Communication

Expanded Confidence and Competence

Gain Awareness of Unseen Options

Improve Decision-Making Skills

and so much more…



Gain Empowerement in All Areas of Your Life

Improve Work-Life Balance

Implement Skills and Strategies to Overcome Obstacles

Become More Solution and Outcome Oriented

Increase Life Satisfaction

Mange as Well as Overcome Personal Fears

Improve Relationship with Self and Others

Decrease Procrastination and Increase Motivation

Transform Limitations into Resources

Generate New Possiblities

Learn Essential Skills for Becoming a Professional Coach

and so much more…


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