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When I first was introduced to NLP by Liz and Jason at the 2013 Mediation Conference, I knew that what they were demonstrating would be the most important training that I would ever receive.

My purpose of NLP training was personal growth and better interpersonal relationships.

Even though the skills would be helpful in mediation, my intention was to see if those skills would be helpful in developing a successful interpersonal relationship.

The techniques taught were insightful and practical to ensure the greatest possible growth in a short period of just three days.  The workshop “opened the door, but I need to walk through it.” Thanks for helping to start the journey to personal growth.

William A. Yaremchuk,    Phd Communication Studies


IMG_0525Thank you to Liz and Jason, the modern wizards of NLP. You guys are AWESOME!!!

I come from a coaching background having been through the Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes Training, so for me most of the material that was presented in the course wasn’t new, however the “toolbox” that I already have just went through a sharpening process.  Because I understand about the NLP process, I will be a lot more effective when working with people, brining them right to their desired outcomes!!!

Estee Levinson   Personalized Enrichment Coach and life facilitator


IMG_0529Enhanced NLP’s Communication Essentials training was an amazing and very emotional experience!!! WOW!

It brought me to a state of realization, acceptance and elevated my curiosity to a greater level!The techniques used in the program were clear, joyful, entertaining, and very effective. Full of the right and necessary resources to help me to achieve my goal – to help, teach, and to motivate others the way Enhanced NLP empowered me! Thank you so much and lots of love, elevated my self esteem and made me more confident.

Kay Ziv


IMG_0523The Communication Essentials workshop helped improve my communication skills, tools, and strategies can be effective for professional and personal interactions. I felt all of the skills can be applied to children up to the elderly. The exercises and strategies are very specific and can even be practiced while watching TV!


Anne Marcovich,  RN-BSN and mother



IMG_0532I had an Amazing experience. I know by taking the Communication Essentials workshop my coaching has been taken to the next level and my personal development has been greatly advanced.


Devin Burke, Wellness Coach – Empowerment Wellness Solutions



IMG_0521This training has given me the potential to better myself and great resources to help others. As a Nurse Practitioner, it is extremely important to keep your patient engaged with good rapport. To improve the trust and connection between the caregiver and patient. knowing how to read the verbal and non-verbal cues to achieve a better between you and who you are talking to is an indispensable skill that I am grateful to have obtained.

I truly recommend this training for everyone. It opens up your mind to endless possibilities and a sense of accomplishment. It provides the necessary tools to face the world with more positivity and confidence that anything is possible when you put your mind in it. Thank you.

Karoline Mion – Family Nurse Practitioner


Claudia Figueredo certificate photo“I am grateful for participating in the Enhanced NLP Training Communication Essentials and Advanced Communication Essentials course. The 8 days are a wonderful journey to furthering my neuro-semantic knowledge from creating new patterns to conscious reframing. These learnings serve me to reach a higher comprehension about myself and others, particularly in the professional realm. By properly addressing issues and eliciting well-formed conversations the outcome will help shape trust and bring collaboration. Thus, applying the learned tools have enabled me to skillfully help others to transform limiting beliefs into enhancing beliefs.”

Claudia Figueredo, President/ Action Public Relations


alan mcbearty and certificate“Wow!!! You guys are really kick’n it! Just loved the entire experience. Lots of material covered but you made it all come together.”

Alan McBrearty,  President at Alpha Sun and Sport


Edit engel certificate photo“Thank you so much for a great experience.  I enjoyed every moment of it.  I learned new skills to use in building better communication rapport with people I meet in my every day encounters.

Edit Engel


“Enhanced NLP Training’s NLP Practitioner Course has already been a game-changer for me and my coaching practice. Clients are now thinking in more dimensions, which have resulted in more enhance outcomes that are   mutually agreed on. That a course like your’s can
deliver tools such as these make my work so much more powerful and the clients’s experience so much deeper. Thank’s again. “
                                                                                   Jay Feldman,
                                                                                   Executive Coach