Putting the pieces together

“NLP is an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.” -Richard Bandler

L. Michael Hall. Ph.D.
Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D. Min.

Let us tell you a story about magic. It’s a magical story, full of wows! And woes. It’s a story of magicians and wizards and frogs turning into princes. It’s an adventure into the very magic that occurs everyday in human Neuro-Linguistics (Mind-body system), a story about you and the magic that’s going on this very minute in your neurology.

What we call NLP is really the story of a new cutting-edge model about:

  • How to run your own brain
  • How to effectively represent your experiences
  • How to map the world of experiences that you’ve been through, that you think is possible to experience, and that you hope you will get to experience
  • How to take charge of your states
  • How to develop effective strategies for your everyday life

Now what we call, “the magic,” is simply the highest and best of human experiences, “excellence” in human functioning. And the magic of that magic is this: there is rhyme and reason to your everyday experiences. In NLP, we say, the magic has structure. Above and beyond the details and content of any experience there is a framework that explains how it operates. And when you know that, you know many of the secrets of magic.


Yes, the magic of getting over past hurts, the magic of forging a great big compelling future and making it happen, the magic of implementing your knowledge, the magic of getting into rapport with others, working through conflicts, taking another person’s point of view on things, etc.

We use the term “magic” in NLP to speak about the very structure and experience of excellence. So when anybody does something in a superb and wonderful way– from learning, decision making, staying motivated, being resilient, operating proactively, managing, making wealth, selling, etc.- we know that that experience has structure and that we can learn and replicate that magic.

And that’s what NLP is all about.