NS NLP Master Practioner Certification

Prerequisite: Self Leadership/ APG

This nine-day program builds upon NLP Practitioner and Self-Leadership (APG) and continues to go deeper into the structure of Communication with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Semantics. This training will complete your NLP Master Practitioner Certification through the ISNS.

 certificateNLP MASTER PRAC

Your NLP Master Practitioner program contains advanced training in:

  • Personality Profiling using Meta-Programs
  • Language of Persuasion and Influence
  • Overcoming Objections and Changing Minds
  • Advanced Modelling


Course Syllabus

Elegant use of the editorial features of our movies (Master Prac.)


The 12 linguistic distinctions (Prac.) and the 21 distinctions (Master Prac.)
The corresponding questions for each distinction.

Milton Model

The linguistic distinctions that create trance
The tonal distinctions that make for a hypnotic voice


77 patterns for Master Prac.


20 basic MP (Prac.) and 60 MP (Master prac.)
Ability to detect and use meta-programs in communicating


The meta-stating process (5 or 7 A’s)
Distinctions of states: primary, meta, and gestalt
Basic Meta-State patterns, the 12 MS patterns (Master Prac)

NLP Presuppositions

Know 15 of the Presuppositions by heart (Prac.), know all (Master Prac.)
Know and explain the presuppositions in depth (Master Prac.)


Recognize, detect, and begin to unpack (Prac.)
Elegance in one’s use of the Strategy Model (Master Prac.) by being able to
Elicit, change, and install Strategies
Modeling Project in group


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