Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a Model of Communication that describes how we input information, process information and how that processing leads to the emotional states and behaviors that determine our results in life.

As humans we have developed the powerful tool of language to describe ourselves and the world around us, however at an even more primary level our minds have a means of communication of their own.

The “language” of mind consists of sensory representations.

You “think” using images, sounds and feelings, even before you generate the spoken and written language to describe them!  As you represent data on the inner screen of consciousness, signals are sent to your body which put you into a state — a mind-body state of awareness.

It is easy to see how gaining awareness and control over the structure of these Internal Representations in your mind gives you much higher quality control over your self which opens vast possibilities you and your capabilities out into the future.

Developed by a linguist and computer student, NLP today is both a model and set of techniques that gives us step-by-step processes for running our own brain, managing our own states, communicating more effectively with ourselves and others, and replicating human expertise in any field.

Beyond the meanings we create at the level of Representation as we make movies in our mind, Neuro-Semantics enriches NLP by incorporating the higher level “meanings” about our Internal Representations into the structure of subjectivity.

All of your emotions, skills, and behaviors are the expression of these meanings, and Neuro-Semantic NLP gives you the awareness and tools you need to take charge of your emotional states, skills, and actions that determine your results in life.


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