Advanced Meta-Masters 

Five-day continuation of the Mastery Level Training in Neuro-Semantic NLP for advanced Communication, Coaching, and Modeling.

This four-day program introduces coaching essentials to those new to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching, and sets you off on a life-altering learning journey. You can take this training as a stand alone training or as module 1 of the Meta-Coach Training System™.

You’ll graduate from Advanced Meta-Masters with:

  • » An advanced communication model for razor sharp communication.
  • » Leading edge listening skills for the seeming magic of hearing what is not being said.
  • » The tools and confidence to produce peak performance and motivation states in yourself and others.
  • » Persuasion and influencing skills for leading yourself and others.
  • » A precision questioning model for getting to the heart of profound change.
  • » Accelerated performance with transformational feedback skills.
  • » Skills to overcome barriers and blockages in your own life and your clients’.
  • » Rapport skills for creating  better relationships as well as business and coaching success.

Who must attend this program?

  • » Individuals and organizations committed to excellence in communication.
  • » Managers and supervisors wanting to create peak performance in their teams.
  • » Parents and Teachers wanting solutions for parenting, and teaching kids and teens.
  • » Experienced Coaches wanting an introduction to Coaching with NLP.
  • » New Coaches wanting an introduction to Coaching and NLP.
  • » New Coaches wanting to take the Fast Track to becoming an Associate Certified Meta-Coach.
  • » Coaches focused on Performance Coaching (Coaching skills and behaviors).
  • » Individuals interested in receiving NLP Master Practitioner Level Certification.

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