Einstein nlp neuro-semantics and psychologyWhen Albert Einstein proposed that there was no separation between ‘space’ and ‘time’ and instead formulated things in terms of space-time, it revolutionized the world of physics and opened the path for massive innovations in our understandings of the universe.

Well it is important to recognize that that same principle applies to the ‘mind’ and the ‘body’!

There is no such thing as a free floating human mind without any neurology attached, and a ‘body’ without a ‘mind’ is not much use in terms of the field of human psycho-logics (as opposed to the strict study of just the ‘mind’ aka ‘psychology’).

And Neuro-Semantics?

Amongst other things, Neuro-Semantics views the field of psychology NOT from the old world perspective as being a study of the ‘mind’, but to being the study of the Mind-Body system!

Any study of humans which focuses on just the ‘body’, or just the ‘mind’ as separate is NOT Applicable to actual human life and all of the endeavors contained within it!

Much more aligned to the structure of the way things truly are, and focused on practical applications of these understandings, Neuro-Semantic training opens much more possibilities in terms of personal development, self-actualization, creativity and innovation, relating between people, and improved communication.

We are not all physicists, however we ALL have a mind-body system, which makes these real-life applications extremely important and valuable for us all as we move out into the future.

Jason R. Schneider

Co-founder and Senior Trainer at Enhanced NLP Training