Our Internationally Recognized NLP Communication Essentials Training is a Three-day Certification Program for Improved Communication, Coaching, & Personal Development with NLP.

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To those new to Neuro-Semantics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), this three day training will redefine what you consider Essential in Communication, and set you off on a life-altering learning journey.

In addition to being a life altering training program in its own right, the Communications Essentials certification can be augmented with our Advanced Communication Essentials program for full NLP Practitioner Certification.

Commuincations essentials

At Communication Essentials you will:

  • Gain rapport skills for creating better personal and professional relationships.
  • Learn an advanced communication model for razor sharp communication in your personal & professional conversations.
  • Cultivate leading edge listening skills for detecting and leveraging non-verbal communication.
  • Develop the tools and confidence to produce peak performance and motivation states in yourself and others.
  • Enhance you persuasion and influencing skills for leading yourself and others
  • Accelerate your performance with transformational feedback skills.
  • Enhance you skills to overcome barriers and blockages in your own life and the lives of your clients.
  • Begin or continue along your pathway of building a coaching practice.
  • Internationally recognized through the International Society of Neuro-Semantics


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Course Syllabus:

    Day 1:

Introduction to the NLP communication model - From inputting information through our senses and processing that information to the system outputs of our emotional states and behavior, learn how communication works within individuals such as yourself, as well as from person to person.

Sensory Representations - Gain awareness of the typically subconscious ''language of the mind'' and how we subconsciously communicate within ourselves and to others. Learn why some of your communications have not been working, as well build skills to communicate more effectively with a larger range of people.

Meta-representational system of language - Learn how we use symbols and codes (i.e. language) to represent (at an even higher level) the sensory representations in our mind, and become more effective in your spoken and written communications.

Levels of referencing and representing - Gain understanding about the never ending self-reflexive chain of our thoughts about our thoughts, and how to gain awareness and control over this process in yourself and others.

Eye Accessing Cues - The eyes are the windows to the soul, well, at least they are the windows to our internal processing. Learn how to recognize and utilize the secret clues that give you insight into the minds of the people with whom you communicate with.

    Day 2:

Mind-Body States -  Neuro-Linguistic states and Neuro-Semantic states - What are states, how do they work? Learn valuable skills and strategies to gain access to your most resourceful states in the moments when you need them.

Calibrating states - Skills to gain ever-increasing sensory acuity in recognizing the mind-body states of others and the subtle shifts in those states that may be meaningful.

Rapport building - Rapport is the foundation of all relationships, relationships within your self as well as with others. It is easy to communicate with people who are like you. Gain valuable skills and tools to increase your flexibility in relating with just about anybody, even people who are unlike you or people that you may have found puzzling.

Anchoring in all sensory systems - Gain the skill to put yourself into the resourceful state of your choice in an instant, as well as the power to give this tool to others that you come into contact with.

Recognize and utilize 'sub-modalities' - Gain skill in controlling the typically unconscious structures of the movies in your mind, and take control over your habitual states and ultimately your future.

    Day 3:

Meta-Model - The 12 linguistic distinctions of the Meta-Model and the precision questions for uncovering specificity - Do you ever speak to yourself in a way that is unresourceful? Do others around you speak in an unresourceful way at times? Have you ever been involved in a misunderstanding or had trouble getting your message across? Gain skill in taking the meta-representational system of your language and bring it back to the experience that it was meant to describe in order to find more useful descriptions and ultimately create a more resourceful reality for yourself and for others.

Advanced Goal-setting techniques - If you don't know or care where you are heading then it doesn't matter which choices you make in life. If you are unclear about your desired outcomes in life, you will get unclear results. Beyond SMART goals, the NLP goal-setting skills put you in the driver's seat when it comes to making the future that you desire into a reality, and all of your outcomes along the way.

Meta-Programs - Gain awareness and understanding about the habitual patterns of thinking that you have developed throughout your life and how they differ from the patterns of others. These patterns are the structure of Personality.  Gain skill in detecting your own patterns and expanding your possibilities for personal and professional growth, and gain skill in recognizing the patterns of others to communicate to them in a way that builds rapport and understanding while breaking through communication barriers.

Basic NLP Patterns - Learn, practice, and gain skill in the following processes from NLP:




Pacing and Leading

Eye Accessing

Triple Description - Perceptual Positioning


Circle of Excellence

Move Rewind (Trauma Relief, Fast Phobia Cure, VK Dissociation)

Eliciting States

Collapsing Anchors

Meta-Model of Language: Patterns of deletion, generalization and distortion

Expanding Meta-Programs

Well-Formed Outcome


Again, in addition to being a life-altering training program in its own right, the Communications Essentials certification can be augmented with our Advanced Communication Essentials program for full  NLP Practitioner Certification.


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