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Download The Enhanced NLP Scavenger Hunt

Enhanced NLP Scavenger Hunt

In my article, 7 Tips for the NLP Beginner, I gave some practical tips for you, as a Communication Essentials graduate, to continue your learning and practice out into your life.

You can access that article here:


This Scavenger Hunt is my attempt to assist you with tip number one, Take Baby Steps.


“If you are feeling overwhelmed with what you want to learn,break it down into smaller components!”

– Jason R. Schneider

This scavenger hunt contains 46 tasks to be completed 3x each. This leaves a total of 138 Points. You get 2 free points for having read this far 😉


I wish I had this when I took my first NLP Training years ago!


Print out this Scavenger Hunt and Have fun with it!!!!!!! Please share your questions, stories, challenges, comments and results on one of our Facebook pages. Let the games begin!


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Download the Scavenger Hunt in the link below:

Download the Enhanced NLP Scavenger Hunt

Enhanced NLP Scavenger Hunt

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