5-day Continuation Course for NLP Practitioner Certification

Prerequisite:  Communication Essentials

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This Five-day program builds upon Communication Essentials and continues to go deeper into the structure of Communication. This training will complete your NLP Practitioner Certification.

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You’ll graduate from Advanced Communication Essentials with:

  • An advanced understanding of communication which includes self-reflexive thinking, our thoughts about our thoughts.
  • Tools to utilize the typically out-of-conscious structure of the movies in your mind to better control your thinking and to change your future for the better.
  • Advanced tools and confidence to produce even more refined peak performance and motivation states in yourself and others.
  • An understanding of the structure of beliefs and belief systems, and ability to begin building the skill to transform limiting beliefs in a single bound.
  • Improved Critical Thinking and Problem Solving skills to achieve personal goals.
  • Skills to elicit the structure of our unconscious strategies of excellence, and how to utilize them for success.
  • Tools to use our subjective experience of time for powerful positive change, improved communication, and influence.
  • A Language model for speaking more artfully, persuasive, and perhaps more hypnotically.
  • Various experiences and processes for improving the quality of your life and those who you work with, and skill to better run your own brain.
  • NLP Practitioner Certification from the International Society of Neuro-Semantics upon completing both modules of Communication Essentials, and reaching the competency standards.


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Course Syllabus:

    Day 1:

Meta-States - The Meta-States model of Neuro-Semantics has been called "the model that ate NLP".  Meta-States (Neuro-Semantic states) go beyond our typical mind-body states and set our frame-of-references that govern all of the lower levels.  When we think about our thoughts or feel about our feelings, the higher thought organizes and modulates all of the thoughts contained within, which makes them much more powerful and pervasive than our lower level mind-body states. The quality of our states and especially the quality of our meta-states determines the quality of our life. Learn to understand how you have been meta-stating yourself in order to effectively manage your lower mind-body states (Neuro-Linguistic states) and learn processes to build customized designer states for any situation.

Meta-States as beliefs - Neuro-Semantics finally makes clear the structure of how to turn thoughts into beliefs, and to turn beliefs into mere thoughts. Gain skill in managing this process for yourself and others to downgrade limiting beliefs as well as to install the empowering beliefs you deserve.

Meta-Stating Submodalities - Delve deeper into the structure of the representations in your mind and learn how the so called 'submodalities' are actually meta-modalities. Learn why the submodality patterns won't work in certain contexts, how to overcome that resistance as well as learn processes and gain skill in manage these structures for higher self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and self control.

Framing -  Even more important than working with the Internal Representations of the mind is the power of Framing Experience.  The higher frames organize and modulate all of the thoughts contained within, which makes them much more powerful and pervasive than our lower level frames and representations. Learn the 7 directions of framing to become skilled at de-constructing beliefs/meanings, creating new meanings, outframing meanings and reframing meanings with ease. Becoming skilled at framing gives you powerful tools to control your own subjective reality, generate more resourceful outlooks on life, improve your negotiation skills, change beliefs with ease, and develop powerful skills for overcoming objections.

    Day 2:

NLP Strategy model - Most of the time our communication follows a set of habits and patterns, and NLP teaches us how to flex our behavior to get more productive results if something isn't working. Practice how to elicit strategies of excellence from others in order to replicate those strategies within yourself and teach them to others. Practice eliciting and installing strategies for understanding, learning, motivating, believing, spelling, love, influencing, decision making etc.

The SCORE Model - The SCORE model provides a way to consider many of the basic components that go into effective problem solving, and enables us to sort out and organize data. The SCORE model is an NLP tool for effectively moving from present state to desired state, and offers us the most basic NLP pattern for working with subjectivity.

    Day 3:

Time Lines - You never walked outside and tripped over a hunk of "time". "Time" does not exist "out there" in the world. We live in a world of happenings and when we compare one set of activities against another set of activities, we invent the concept of "time". We will first explore the NLP model about "time", and then into the next step of the Neuro-Semantics of time as meta-frames. Time-Lines give us a description of how we encode time, which crucially affects a great deal about our personalities. Our past memories, and future hope,s determine how we relate to the world, ourselves, and others. We will learn patterns and processes to elicit the typically unconscious structure of how an individual encodes the concept of time, utilize the structure of "time" to remove negative emotions, overcome anxiety, destroy limiting decisions from the past, set compelling goals, re-imprint past experiences, utilize for improved communication and rapport amongst others, and much more.

Milton Model - Turning the meta-model of specificity upside down gives us the linguistic distinctions for influence, persuasion, trance, and public speaking, as well as the tonal distinctions that make for a hypnotic voice.

    Day 4 - 5:

NLP Patterns of Excellence and Certification– Learn, practice, and gain skill in the following processes from NLP:

Basic Meta-Stating Pattern

Reframing Criticism

Conscious Reframing

Six-Step Reframing

NLP Belief Change

Meta-Yes Belief Change


Releasing Negative Emotions

Overcoming Anxiety

Decision Destroyer


Finishing Unfinished Business

Visual Squash

Strategy Elicitation

Effective Selling

Negotiating for Agreement

Having Great Meetings


Advanced Communications Essentials culminates in  NLP Practitioner Certification.


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